Following is an updated list of classmates we don't have current email or physical addresses for. If you know an address for one of our classmates below or would like to refer a classmate on this list to give us their address, please email:

Bieber, Norma (Hawkins)
Berg, Linda
Berry, Barbra
Booker, Nancy (Halford)-last known address in Loveland
Bostow, Margaret (Bay)-last known address in Lakenwood, CO
Brucher, Kathy
Bracey, Connie    
Bryant, Steve
Burkhard, Lon-last known address in Salem, OR
Campbell, Doreen (Baker) last known address in Loveland
Casey, Sharon (Trout)-last known address in Napa, CA
Compher, Sue (Green)-last known address in Loveland
Conway, Cydney
Craft, Carhy (Brucher)-last known address in Carbondale, CO
Criswell, Maynard-last known address in Loveland
Daniel, Judy (Klein)-last known address in Cheyenne, WY
Filomena, Maria (Exchange Student)
Fitzhugh, Dianna
Forsling, Maryanne
Gilmore, Scott - Loveland
Graves, Barbara
Hardcastle, Bob-last known address in Fort Collins
Hernandez, Mary Lou
Houser, Judy-last known address in Loveland
Keirnes, Bill-last known address in Loveland
Kelly, Ken
Kontz, Charles
Lambert, Charles
Lee, Peggy
Masterson, Evelyn (Colton)-last known address in Aurora, CO
McClare-Ruth-last known address in Highland Ranch, CO
Milner, Gene
Minch, Nancy
Morgan, Sally
Myers, Tom
Nisbet, Sharla
Pebler, Jerry
Lynette Schwartz (Knaus) last known address in Loveland
Russell, Gary
Santillanes, Marci
Sorrels, Bob
Taylor, Dwight
Thompson, Wayne
Tipsword, Arta (Could Be Deines)
Wagner, Ray- last known address in Longmont
Wagner, Kathleen
Watson, Dan
Wiley, Tom
Yoder, Joanne
Zeims, Barb-last known address in Loveland