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James Hoffman
Structual Trades Mgr Committed Relationship 2
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Jan Witt
utility engineering, Xcel Energy Single 2
Yea, '67! What a fast 45 years....looking forward to seeing everyone soon!  I moved back to Loveland almost 11 years ago, but still commute to Denver to work's making an old lady out of me!!  I have 3 grandchildren, who know me as GG (Grandmother Goddess)....lots of fun! Send Jan a MessageSend Jan a Message
Jerry Rademacher
Supervisory Public Health Veterinarian Married 3
Looking forward to renewing old friendships and making some new ones. Retired from veterinary private practice. Enjoying second career and traveling for USDA. Send Jerry a MessageSend Jerry a Message
Jerry (Ward)
Contractor Married 3
I'm amazed how many old people showed-up for the
35th reunion!  It was great, but I hope there's even
more that show-up for this event. Speaking of old,
I've got 2 grandsons. Hope to see everyone there!
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Jill Wilson (Rice)
Outreach Education Manager Married 1
Looking forward to seeing ALL of you!  I have remarried and have 4 grandkids.  It is hard to believe that this is the 40th  Reunion. I hope this finds you well and happy.  See you in July! Send Jill a MessageSend Jill a Message
Jim Sturgis
Sales Manager/Nick Davidson, Inc. Married
Have never left Loveland and happy I never did. My wife Gwen of 39 years, and I  were blessed with our 1st grandchild on April 8th 2011. I am now semi-retired and does it ever feel good! Send Jim a MessageSend Jim a Message
John Kramar
Profile picture
Retired Committed Relationship 2
Brother Bob is on my right. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Julie Becker
SUZANNE Consultant Single Again 2
My FUN career is being a SUZANNE consultant (a new party plan of Suzanne Somers!)  My "job" is an accountant for a manufacturing company.  I have 2 children:  my son who is the father of the 2 greatest granddaughters, and my daughter who is waiting in heaven for the rest of us to get there.  Send Julie a MessageSend Julie a Message
Accountant Married 2
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Kathy Bond (Blake)
Retired Divorced 1
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