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kathy schwalbe (kness)
Profile picture
TCB Married 4
Looking forward to the 40th LHS reunion. Send kathy a MessageSend kathy a Message
Kaye Hoover (Guerrero)
Accountant Single 2
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Ken Barber
Retired Married
I had intended to be present at #45, however, our anniversary is Sept 8 (36 years) & plans had been made. For many of those 36 years, I was not home, so this one has to take priority.

Let me tell you briefly what's been going on in my world over the years.

I retired 2 years ago after 30 years in the Meat Industry. (Ironically, I'm no a Vegan) I travelled to every state in the nation and some abroad. We have lived in CA, TN, NV, VA, FL, MD and now back in Lakewood, CO. As indicated, this year will mark 36 years of marriage to my wife Darlene. We have a 31 year old son (Ryan) and a daughter (Niki) is 28.

That's the short story. I know you will all have a great weekend. I will check in on #50.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer. I recently received a clean bill of health. The cure is attributed to Cannabis Oil and a Vegan lifestyle. I feel GREAT!

I play golf often and took up fly fishing this year.  Whatever I do, I now can do it on my terms...a nice perk in the retirement years.
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Landa Fender (Lee)
Single 2
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Leland Bird
Retired Married 2
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Linda Griess (Austin)
Retires Med. Asst and EMT/Wildland firefighter Married 1
Still in AZ and still love the heat.  We have one daughter and Larry has 2 daughters and one son.  Have 2 greatgrand sons.  Don't think I will make it back in Sept. , but HI to everyone.
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Linda Kjar (Behrens)
business owner Married 3
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Lyla Salmons (Householder)
retired Married 2
I have never left Loveland and am still happy living here. Hope everyone is healthy and happy after all these years! Send Lyla a MessageSend Lyla a Message
Margi Davidsen (Finnegan)
Medical Administration Married 1
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Mark Berger
Semi-Retired/Consultant Single 2
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